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XTU Undergraduate Students Win Two NWMA Awards

Recently, the 2018 New World Mathematics Awards (NWMA) Organizing Committee announced the awards. He Yiqin and Cao Huabin from Shaofeng Class (Mathematics Major), Grade 2014, School of Mathematics and Computational Science won the silver award and the honorable mentioned prize respectively for their bachelor's degree theses. In 2018, there were a total of 4 awards for undergraduate group, and XTU got 2, achieving a major breakthrough in this regard.
The 2018 NWMA awarded 3 doctoral gold medals, 5 silver medals, and 18 honorable mentioned prizes. There was no master’s gold medal, 2 silver medals, 1 undergraduate gold medal, 2 silver medals, and 1 honorable mentioned prize presented. Among them, the undergraduate gold award winners came from the California Institute of Technology, XTU’s He Yiqin and University of Chinese Academy of Sciences student Bai Chenyu won the silver awards, and XTU’s Cao Huabin the honorable mentioned prize.
He Yiqin and Cao Huabin's bachelor theses are On the Directed Strongly Regular Cayley Graphs and One-to-One Disjoint Path Covers in Digraphs respectively. Their supervisor is Associate Professor Zhang Bicheng from the School of Mathematics and Computational Science.
NWMA is set up for outstanding Chinese mathematics students from all over the world. It is jointly established by Professor Shing-Tung Yau, Chinese outstanding mathematician, and Fields Medal and Wolf Prize in Mathematics winners, and Dr. Henry Cheng Kar-shun, New World Development Co., Ltd. director and general manager, in 2007. The awards-presenting ceremony is held every three years and has been successfully held for four times. It aims to inspire outstanding Chinese mathematics students worldwide to pursue mathematical truths and recognize the achievements of young mathematical talents.
The Shaofeng Class (Mathematics Major), Grade 2014 is the first of its kind in XTU. There were 19 students in the class, of which 13 were recommended to be admitted by 985 Program universities. Seven of the thirteen attend doctoral program: four at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and three at the Peking University. He Yiqin was awarded the first prize of the senior grade group of the 9th Chinese Mathematics Competitions (CMC). He and Cao Huabin also got two final seats in the 7th CMC Hunan Area Contest, and both won the second prize in the finals of the junior grade group.
He Yiqin published one SCI paper as the first author on the Journal of Combinatorial Theory, an authoritative academic journal in the field of combinatorial mathematics (discrete mathematics). Cao Huabin published one SCI paper as the first author in the academic journal. Both of them are currently studying at Peking University.