An Introduction to the Public Management Research Group of Xiangtan University





The discipline the Public Management Research Group (PMRG) of Xiangtan University is in has a doctoral program and a master's degree program of the first-level discipline, including professional degree program and a postdoctoral research station. The main research orientations with special features are administrative culture and philosophy of administration, public policy and local governance, public organization and performance appraisal, social security and social governance and so on. The group has set up two provincial and ministerial key research bases — Hunan Provincial Government Performance Evaluation Research Center and Government Performance Evaluation and Management Innovation Research Center. The two research centers have been selected as one of the first batch of the source think tanks of China's think tank index (CTTI). As a key discipline of Hunan Province in the 11th and 12th Five-Year Plan, the discipline obtained Grade B in the fourth round of discipline assessment of the Ministry of Education.

The group has 31 full-time teachers, including 13 professors, 13 associate professors, and 5 lecturers. The group has a winning candidate of the National Project of Millions of Talent, a specialist granted the special Government Allowances by the State Council, one of four batches of talents of the national propaganda and cultural system, and t he New Century Excellent Talents Support Program of the Ministry of Education, an outstanding social science expert in Hunan Province. The leader in charge of the group is Professor Yan Jiahua, a member of the National MPA Education Steering Committee, a member of the Ministry of Education Undergraduate Teaching Guidance Committee, and a leader of Public Management Discipline of Xiangtan University.

The group has recently presided over 1 major research project of the national social science foundation, 3 key projects and more than 20 general and youth projects. Its research funding has exceeded 10 million yuan. The group members have published over 400 research papers in the authoritative periodicals such as Chinese Social Science, Studies on Politics, China's Administration Management, and Public Administration and Development. The has published more than 30 academic monographs in People's Press, and China Social Sciences Publishing House and so on. It has won a third prize in humanities and social sciences awarded by Ministry of Education , 2 second prizes in social science achievements awarded by Hunan provincial government and 5 other provincial and ministerial research awards. 8 research results were approved by provincial and ministerial leaders.