Program with Distinct Features

English Curriculum for Economics Undergraduates in Xiangtan University

1. Educational Aims
According to the requirements of the Economics, students shall acquire a professional knowledge of economics, econometrics, international economics, theory and practice of international trade and international trade law, and learn about China’s national conditions, its social and economic development since the opening-up policy as well as China's foreign trade, especially that with countries and regions where those foreign students come from.

The curriculum is designed to enable our students to gain a basic theoretical knowledge and some capacity for scientific research which can be applied to their theses and future work.

2. Duration of Study
The duration of study for a degree in economics is four years.

3. Language Requirements
(1) Courses are to be taught in English.
(2) Students shall master Chinese based on the courses offered during the 4-year study.
(3) Opening reports, literature reading reports and theses shall be written in English.
(4) A Chinese abstract with about 600 words shall be included in the thesis.

4. Awarding of Diploma and Degree Certificate
If the thesis is examined and approved by the Postgraduate Management Department and the Academic Degree Committee of the International Exchange School of Xiangtan University, a diploma and a bachelor’s degree in economics of the People's Republic of China will be awarded to the students.

5. Curriculum Offered to Foreign Undergraduates of Economics Major in XTU

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Application Requirements
1. English Qualifications: TOEFL: 80 scores or higher / IELTS: 5.5 scores or higher
2. Age: 18-30

Application Materials
Application form (after online registration, download the application form and print it out)
High School Graduation Certificate, Formal Schooling Documents and Transcript
English Qualifications
Study plan
Copy of Passport
Enrollment Fee: 400 yuan or 70 dollars (Scholarship applicants needn’t pay it)

Application Deadline
before the end of May each year

Tuition Fee
22000RMB each year that can not pay it by installment

The first semester:September to November
The second semester: February to July

About Holidays
Winter Vacation: January to February, one month (including the Spring Festival )
Summer Vacation: July to August, two months
National Day: October 1st - 7th
May Day: May 1
New Year's Day: January 1st
Tomb-sweeping Day: April 5th
Dragon Boat Festival: One day in the middle of June
Mid-Autumn Festival: One day in the middle of September