FAQs for New Foreign Teachers in XTU

Below are the answers to common asked questions by new foreign teachers. If you have a question that isn't included here, please feel free to give us a call at 0086-731-58298803.

1. How's English proficiency of my students?
There will be no great difficulty in listening and communication for XTU students who have studied English at least for 12 years.

2. Are the students studying English for a specific certificate?
No, they are expected to use the language instead of pursuing a specific certificate.

3. What is the age of the students?
They are aged from 18 to 30,including BA, MA and PhD candidates.

4. How many lessons do I have each week?
18 teaching periods will be required per week, and each period lasts 45 minutes.

5. What’s in the equipped classrooms?
Most classrooms are equipped with multimedia learning facilities.

6. Are textbooks or other study resources available to students?
No, the resources shall be organized by teachers.

7. How many ESL and other foreign language teachers would I work with?
30 English, 3~5 Japanese; 3~5 Germans; 3~5 French; 3~5 Spanish. There are over 200 international students in the campus.

8. What does the benefits package include?
a. Monthly salary: 4000 RMB ~5000 RMB
b. Air ticket reimbursement: 4000 RMB for single-term contract;
c. Traveling allowance: 1100 RMB for each single term
d. Gas, water and electricity subsidy: 200 RMB per month

9. How long is a teaching period at Xiangtan University? How about the payment for overwork?
Generally speaking, a teaching period refers to a class hour. For example, if you have 18 teaching periods in a week, it means you’ll have 18 classes that week. For overwork, 70 RMB will be paid for extra hour.

10. How much can I expect? Is it defined in the contract?

The salary standard is usually set based on your degree and experience.

11. Could I have email address of one or two senior foreign teachers in the university so that I can consult them?
At your request, we will first ask for permission of foreign teachers. Without permission, the university is obliged to keep it confidential.

12. The university provides free apartment (equipped with furniture, computer, air-conditioner, washing machine, TV, telephone, refrigerator and etc.) and internet.

13. The accidental insurance and serious illness insurance are covered.

14. Upon your coming, an assistant from the teaching departments will be sent to help you adapt to new life in the university.

15. Upon your coming, a faculty adviser will be sent to guide your teaching.

16. Some receptions and activities will be held annually to celebrate western and Chinese traditional festivals, in the hope of helping you feel at home.

17.Paid holidays and vacations (such as China's national day and public holidays) are entitled to foreign teachers during contractual period.

18. For more information, please visit the university's homepage http://www.xtu.edu.cn/.