Federation of Humanities and Social Sciences of XTU

Federation of Humanities and Social Sciences of XTU was established in January 1996. The current leading group were elected at the fourth session of the federation conference in May 2015. During 2015 to 2016, Vice Chairman He Zheng was transferred to another post on official assignment, and Secretary General Sheng Mingke was appointed as Dean of the XTU School of Public Administration. In accordance with the regulations of the Federation, and with the approval of the CPC XTU Committee, Wang Xiezhou was added into the Fourth Committee of the XTU Social Sciences Federation as a candidate of vice chairman; Liu Youhua was nominated as a candidate of secretary general of the Federation. The membership list of the Fourth Committee of the XTU Social Sciences Federation was approved by voting on January 14, 2017.The name list is as follows:

Chairman: Liu Changgeng
Vice-chairmen: Wang Xiezhou, Wang Xiangqing, Li Jianbo, Ou Aimin, Jiang Junsong, Zhang Yuliang, Yan Jiahua
Secretary General: Liu Youhua

In recent years,our federation has made remarkable achievements in areas of talent team building, academic achievements cultivation, academic community management, social science achievements transformation as well as cultural academic exchange. Under the firm leadership of the CPC XTU Party Committee and university administration as well as the careful guidance of the Hunan Federation of Social Sciences, the federation has held high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics and thoroughly implemented the essence of President Xi Jinping's important speeches. On the other hand, it has carried out the overall requirements of the central and provincial governments on prosperity and development of philosophy and social sciences by focusing on central tasks, serving the overall interests and uniting all concerned school scientific workers.

Our federation has always been giving priority to talent cultivation over all tasks. The team building has made steady advancement with a group of famous experts and scholars recommended such as Cang Nan, Zheng Biqing, and Ji Shuihe, and a good number of high-level social science talents stood out.

Our federation is dedicated to integrating school social sciences resources, and constantly advancing innovation in basic theory, disciplinary system and research methods. Over the past ten years, it has undertaken four significant state-level social science bidding projects,13 key programs supported by the National Social Science Foundation and 96 general programs supported by the National Social Science Foundation and the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars. In addition, more than 30 papers have been published on authoritative journals such as Social Sciences in China, Philosophical Researches, Economic Research Journal, Chinese Journal of Law, and nearly 500 high-level monographs have been published by the People's Publishing House and the China Social Sciences Publishing House. Moreover, 2 projects have been awarded the second prize and 2 ones the third prize of the Outstanding Achievement Awards for Humanities and Social Sciences by the Ministry of Education, whereas 3 projects won the first prize,14 the second prize and 23 the third prize of the Outstanding Achievement Award for Philosophy and Social Science in Hunan Province.

Based on the cooperative innovation platforms and provincial and ministerial-level bases of humanities and social sciences, our federation meets the significant and actual demands of national and local economic and social development, actively carries out countermeasure researches, and gives full play to the roles of brainpower and think tank in the university.

More than 90 research reports, policy proposals and planning programs in various areas have been submitted to the local Party committee and government, as well as enterprises and institutions. Many research achievements have been published on the Publicity Department of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee’s Social Science Journal and the special issue of the Golden Idea Journal on Crucial Ideas for Reform. Our policy proposals, and policy advisory reports have been received 10-plus affirmative replies from state leaders, including Vice Premiers Liu Yandong and Ma Kai, and provincial heads of Secretary-general of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee Han Yongwen and Vice Governor Li Youzhi. This has received good response from the society.

To strengthen social science academic exchanges and provide a strong academic atmosphere, we set up a forum named “Elegant Shaoshan (Shaofeng)Scholar Forum ” and make it a popular brand in the field of high-end academic exchanges and communication. More than 50 influential international and national academic conferences have been held. Meanwhile, we have been engaged in Social Science Promotion Week, and “Xiangtan University Popular Science Base of the Public Information Resources Management and Utilization”and “Association of Senior Scientists and Technicians of Xiangtan University” were graded as provincial social sciences promotion bases. Over 20 popular science activities of various types at various levels have been held.

Membership List of the Fourth Committee of Xiangtan University Social Sciences Federation
Counselors: Cang Nan, Zheng Biqing, He Wenyan, Yu Mingguang, Zhang Anzhen, Ji Shuihe, Li Youxin
Chairman: Liu Changgeng
Vice-chairmen: ( listed in the order of the number of strokes in their surnames)
Wang Xiangqing, Wang Xiezhou, Wang Xiangqing, Li Jianbo, Ou Aimin, Jiang Junsong, Zhang Yuliang, Yan Jiahua
Secretary General: Sheng Mingke

Commission Members: ( listed in the order of the number of strokes in their surnames)
Wang Xiezhou, Wang Xiangqing, Wang Jianping, Long Zukun, Liu Bo, Liu Youhua, Liu Changgeng, Cheng Zhigang, Zhu Jun, He Zhen, Zhang Jinjie, Li Jianbo, Li Suqiong, Li Yaxing, Yang Xiaojun, Zhuo Yue, Zhou Yonghong, Zhou Jintao, Ou Dingyu, Ou Aimin, Jiang Junsong, Hu Qiang, Rao Diqing, Tang Hongbo, Tang Jianyun, Sheng Mingke, Zhang Yuliang, Yan Youbing, Huang Xianzhong, Zeng Xiangqiong, Lei Lei, Lei Bingyan, Xiong Maoxiang, Fan Weining, Yan Jiahua, Li Qing

Youth Committee Members: ( listed in the order of the number of strokes in their surnames)
Wang Hui, Liu Zhongwang, Liu Zhijing, Xiang Liwen, He Yan, Zou Lin, Zhou Hua, Huang Shichang, Han Lei