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University-Government Cooperation


XTU signed strategic cooperation agreements on science and technology with local governments of Xiangtan, Zhuzhou, Changde, Huaihua, Chenzhou and Yangzhong cities of Hunan Province; Xinyi city of Jiangsu Province; Foshan city of Guangdong Province, and Turpan city of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.


XTU has joined hands with the Xiangtan Municipal Agricultural Commission to build the XTU China Regional Development and Governance Research Institute; cooperated with the Xiangtan Municipal Tourism, Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Bureau to build the XTU National Red Tourism Research Base; and continued to support the Academician Innovation Industrial Park Project construction with the Xiangtan High-tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee.

Oct. 2018

XTU and the Xiangtan Municipal Science and Technology Bureau carried out industry-university-research cooperation on strengthening common and key technologies in the 100-billion valued automobile and equipment manufacturing industries multiplication plans. XTU enhanced industry-university-research cooperation with the National Science and Technology Major Projects and the major landmark innovation projects; participated in the action on R&D expenditure input growth, with a R&D funds proportion of 8%, and involved in Xiangtan powerful intellectual property rights construction to increase the number of effective invention patents; took part in the industry-university-research cooperation, including implementing university-government cooperation agreements and exchanging with Xiangtan enterprises to provide technology and talents to enhance their innovation capabilities; participated in the building of international cooperation bases for enterprises, and made full use of its overseas advantageous resources to help enterprises connect with international innovation resources; jointly established the Mao Zedong College with the CPC Xiangtan Municipal Publicity Department, to strengthen the Mao Zedong Thought Research Center construction, and hold the national seminar on Mao Zedong Thought; jointly established the XTU National Artificial Intelligence Equipment Test Base and the XTU Big Data Center with the Xiangtan High-Tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee; and, built the Hunan Provincial Civil-Military Integration Public Service Platform with the Municipal Economy and Information Commission, to give full play to its research advantages of aviation engines, underground engineering, and Beidou monitoring.

Sept. 2018

XTU cooperated with the CPC Xiangtan Committee Publicity Department to undertake the “University President” Forum organized by People’s Daily; establish a patriotic education base in Xiangtan City with Chairman Mao’s Bronze Statue Culture Square as the main body; and, enhance security and publicity work during the XTU 60th anniversary celebration period (large-scale event). XTU joined hands with the Xiangtan Municipal Bureau of City Administration and Law Enforcement to set up large school boards at the prominent positions of the east and west of the North Second Ring Road. It collaborated with the Xiangtan Municipal Government Affairs Service Center to strengthen network maintenance and security, and train big data management analysis and application talents. XTU and the Xiangtan Municipal Tourism, Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Bureau jointly organized a special training course on rural tourism development, a seminar on tourism entrepreneurship and innovation development, and a seminar on red (revolutionary) animation and tourism integration. The university communicated with five key industries in Xiangtan City, and build a professional group focusing on the intelligent equipment manufacturing, automobile and parts, food and medical care, new generation information technology, new energy, and new materials industries. It also founded the “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” strategic alliance with various industrial parks in Xiangtan, to share resources and introduce college students to start business there.

Apr. 2018

XTU and Xiangtan High-Tech Industrial Development Zone carried out industry-university-research cooperation.

Apr. 2018

Xiangtan Municipal Development and Reform Commission and Xiangtan University reached the scientific and technological cooperation strategy.

Jun. 2017

XTU signed the “Cooperative Construction of XTU Shaoshan Research Institute” with the People's Government of Shaoshan City.


XTU and the Xiangtan Municipal Economic and Social Development Research Center inked cooperation construction plan.

Sept. 2016

XTU and Liuyang High-Tech Industrial Development Zone jointly established the “industry-university-research cooperation base”.

Aug. 2016

The social work internship base of XTU-Jingpeng Social Work Service Center was completed.


Xiangtan University-Xiangtan Municipal People's Government university-government cooperation demonstration launched

Sept. 2015

XTU and the Xiangtan High-Tech Entrepreneurship Service Center built the “motor industrial cluster design and detection collaborative service platform”.

July 2015

XTU and the Xiangtan High-Tech Industrial Development Zone carried out the “experts’ tour in enterprises" industry-university-research matchmaking meeting.

June 2015

XTU cooperated with Xiangtan Municipal Government and Xiangtan National High-tech Industrial Development Zone to establish the first XTU Academician Innovation Industrial Park, and set an academician workstation in Xiangtan Economic Development Zone, which would technologically support Xiangtan’s key industry development.

May 2015

XTU established a science and technology innovation base in partnership with the People’s Government of Huitong County.

Aug. 2014

XTU signed a co-construction working program with Yuhu District of Xiangtan City.

Aug. 2014

XTU signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Huaihua Municipal People’s Government. Focused on scientific and technological innovation and connected by cooperation projects, both sides were agreed to establish a long-term and deep strategic cooperative partnership in an all-round way in fields of science and technology, education, tourism and environmental protection.

Mar. 2014

XTU signed an industry-university-research cooperation agreement with Xiangtan City.

Mar. 2014

XTU signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with the People’s Government of Xinyi City, Jiangsu Province

Oct. 2013

XTU signed an industry-university-research cooperation framework agreement with the Yangzhong Municipal People’s Government. Both sides were agreed to fully cooperate with each other in building industrial technology innovation system, enterprise independent innovation system, and social technology service system.

Jul. 2013

The Hunan Provincial People's Government signed an agreement with the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense (SASTIND) to jointly develop Xiangtan University.

Nov. 2012

XTU signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Changde Municipal People’s Government.

Jul. 2012

XTU signed a science and technology strategic cooperation agreement with Turpan Prefecture of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

Jul. 2012

XTU signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the People’s Government of Xiangtan County.

Jan. 2008

XTU’s Tourism Management School launched all-round cooperation with Shaoshan City.

Jun. 2007

XTU signed an agreement with the Xiangtan Municipal Peoples’ Government to jointly establish an innovation-oriented city.

May 2007

XTU signed a cooperation agreement with the People’s Government of Yuhu District, Xiangtan City.

Dec. 2005

The Ministry of Education signed an agreement with the Hunan Provincial People’s Government to jointly support the development of Xiangtan University.