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Research Papers of Associate Professor Hu Xiayi’s Team Rated as Featured Articles on International Journals


Recently, Associate Professor Hu Xiayi’s team of the College of Chemical Engineering of Xiangtan University has continuously published high-level research papers in the field of low-carbon and efficient utilization of fossil energy on journals. They were "Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research" (cover paper), one of the three major chemical industry journals, and the top chemical industry journals "Applied Energy" and "(IF=8.426) and "ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering" (IF=6.97). The papers were rated as featured articles by the American Chemical Society and journals, and specially reported.
The 19th National CPC Congress proposed that China should build a clean, low-carbon, safe, and efficient energy system. Coal is currently China's main energy resource. One of the important processes to promote the clean and efficient use of coal is to control the carbon dioxide emissions generated during its use.
Associate Professor Hu’s research team, to handle high energy consumption, the bottleneck problem of large-scale industrialization of CO2 captured by the existing chemical absorption method, creatively proposed the concept of “energy operating window (EOW)” for evaluating the energy threshold of CO2 absorber to improve energy efficiency (Figure 1). Meanwhile, the team also analyzed and discussed the qualitative and quantitative analysis technology of existing CO2 loaded organic amine solution, to help researchers better and faster understand and master the basic scientific problems of the reaction of chemical solvents with CO2, especially to clarify the synergistic conversion between carbamate and HCO3, which affects the heat energy consumption. This has important industrial reference value for effectively reducing the thermal load of the CO2 desorption process and improving the thermal efficiency (Figure 2).
In addition, the team also conducted a recent review of CO2 physical adsorption materials; discussed the synthesis methods and related research progress of high-efficiency N-based functional solid adsorption (NFSAs) materials; and, displayed classified methods to improve NFSAs materials performance according to different solid phase carrier materials. This provided important guidance for the preparation of efficient and inexpensive NFSAs (Figure 3). The above achievements have been successively affirmed and recognized by the American Chemical Society and journals, and have been continuously selected as spotlights for special reports.
The College of Chemical Engineering of Xiangtan University is the serving establishment of the first author of the three papers published. Associate Professor Hu Xiayi and Dr. Zhang Rui took the lead to organize scholars as well as engineers to work on it. They are scholars from the University of Edinburgh, UK; National Research Council, Italy; Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization and University of Western Australia, Australia; University of Wyoming and Georgia Institute of Technology, USA; University of Bath and University of Exeter, UK; and, Hunan University, as well as engineers from Beijing Enterprises Water Group Co., Ltd. and Xiangtan Sepiolite Technology Co., Ltd. The collaborative publication of the above academic achievements reflects the new style of international cooperation and joint innovation research conducted by XTU researchers, which not only helps to enhance the international academic influence, but also creates a good platform for talent training in the new era.